Letter from H.M. Simeon II of Bulgaria

Greeting letter to wish the festival good luck:

Sofia, May 15th, 2013

Mrs. Pushkarova,

Thank you for your invitation to the 7th edition of Water Tower Art Festival – an international festival for contemporary art in alternative spaces. Unfortunately, due to absence from the country, I will not be able to join your guests at the opening.

I would like, however, to congratulate all participants in this truly unique project. I was interested to learn about your original ideas, and I am impressed by the modern thinking of everyone involved in this initiative.

As you know, the history of my family is emotionally bound to the Kazichane station, which you have selected for a location for the 7th edition of the art-fest. I am very pleased that young and talented people like all of you take notice of this place. It was built by my grandfather – Tsar Ferdinand I, in the style of Vienna stations of that time. Unfortunately, very little has remained from what had been done back then. I hope that your initiative will attract the public’s attention, and thus, renew the interest in the station. It would be wonderful if your project becomes a reason for the restoration of the station. I believe it is always useful to build a connection between fine architecture specimens from the past, and modern tendencies. Your project is a proof of that.

Please inform all your artists who participate in the art-fest that I send them my regards and I wish good luck to the initiative!

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