Photo Galya Yotova – Royal Train Station at Kazichene action WTAF 2013


Politics of collaboration / artistic initiatives Sofia in collaboration with Balkan art initiatives and EU artist initiatives and centers

Inspired by AIM meeting at Wroclaw May, 2016


14:00- 17:00


Red House for culture and debate

15, Lyuben Karavelov Str.
Sofia 1142, Bulgaria
T/F: + 359 2 988 81 88
+ 359 885 828532
e-mail: info@redhouse-sofia.org


How much do we know about the cultural policy of the city, country? Does it exist and is it followed consistently by institutions?

The artistic initiatives find difficulties in communicating with established institutions, because of the lack of dialogue based on basic principles of healthy democratic process involving place for all. What are our perspectives in the face of the non secured future of ours and what can we do to change that? In the highly materialistic society where values have altered and stayed with temptation oriented principles, what would be the role of artists initiatives, where money is not the most important aim in order to do something so to feel you are making a change and live the way you want? The progressive thinking needs to be expressed and followed in spirit of cooperation between artist, organizations and nations. That is why we invite you to discuss practical and contextual matters of the future of the possible collaborations and sharing  of experience.



Meira Ahmemulic, international koordinator at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg Sweden, will present the international artist-in- residence program at Konstepidemin and other projects run by the international group. Konstepidemin is an artist-run association and Sweden’s biggest workplace for independent artists with more than 130 professional practitioners of artistic disciplines, including visual artists and designers, musicians, writers, directors, filmmakers, actors, dancers etc.

Action Field Kodra –International Contemporary Art Festival, Greece (www.actionfieldkodra.gr)

and others (tbc)


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