Water Tower Art Fest 2012

This year our slogan is: “Water Tower Art Fest follows the White Rabbit” as a sign of our never-ending curiosity for whatever comes our way. “Alice in Wonderland” embraces the space, where everything is possible as long as you are able to imagine it. Alice wanders through various ideas of worlds, meeting talking animals, flowers and people, who seem to irradiate onto their surroundings and modify them appropriate to their comfort. In Wonderland, it is not society which moulds imagination, but imagination, which moulds society.

open call

Open call for 2012 edition of Water Tower Art Fest
22-30 June

On behalf of NGO IME, we have the pleasure of inviting you to submit a proposal for an art work, installation or performance to the Water Tower Art Fest in Sofia, Bulgaria

This year WTAF follows the white rabbit

in this respect any interpretation of Alice in Wonderland — treated as a contemporary issue is welcomed.

The main activity of the organization NGO IME is the Water Tower Art Fest. Since 2006, annually the fest took place in an abandoned historic building of the Water tower in Sofia. Since 2007 we have incorporated other abandoned buildings and locations also into the program of the festival. The fest presents international and national contemporary artists’ work in the spheres of performance, video and site specific installations. The art works are specifically created and produced according to the places in question reflecting their history or architectural value.
WTAF is an initiative started only with a few people in Sofia encompassing ideas of art, creativity, urban renewaland alternative art spaces. Gradually it became an international event gathering artists form around the world that came together as independent entities representing their individual style and search for mutual understanding and cosmopolitanism in the face of widely spread apathy and unwillingness to cooperate. “We believe that art has a function in the society and we delegate that function back to it.”

Please make your proposal specific to the venue/s in which you are interested in working. 2012 sites will be:
Water Tower, Sofia (Main/first exhibition venue) — site specific installations are welcomed

Art Hall Vivacom (any of the details attributes to the old analogue telephone central can be used, just ask) 

Laboratory “Bulgarian Rose”

1 Day exclusive Performance venue at Pancharevo Lake in partnership with transformatori.net

(Venues may be subject to change due to unforseen circumstances. Please request specs for venues by email)

Please state a detailed explanation and concept of your proposed art work including:
— concrete technical requirements, material needed for its implementation
— sketches (if applicable) describing its specifics
— or photographs

Selection committee:
Artists and curators have been invited to be part of the selection committee, amongst which:

Yovo Panchev — art and cultural manager, founder of “Studio Dauhaus”

Nia Pushkarova — organizer of festival

More artist and curators pending invitation

Application fee (for processing the applications): 5 Euros by bank transfer to:

Sdrujenie IME
Bank Account: FIB

Deadline: 15th of April 2012

Send to: watertowerartfest@gmail.com
Or on address:
Nia Pushkarova
9 Bogatica Street, app. 12
Sofia 1421
(please send recommended postal packages due to high percentage of lost parcels in the past)

Your proposal should be accompanied with a short CV or resume (stating Name, gender and current country of residence), and transaction number of application fee.

Artists are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses, unless otherwise arranged, under third parties relations made in advance. What we can do is issue an invitation to be used for applying to available findings and grants at selected artist’s countries of residence.

What you can expect from us during WTAF:
— Extended coverage in media and official catalogue of the fest
— Assistance in finding cheap accommodation – hostel or private based
— Recommendations and invitations for travel funding
— Technical and other assistance during the festival
— Overall guidance and assisting in production of work by volunteers and technical team
— Possible meeting at airport and accompanying to hotel or accommodation
— In case your artwork requires special equipment hire, please state this in your application, so further arrangements can be made
— Great time interacting with different artists, both local and international, a chance to get valuable contacts for your professional and personal life
— Generally meeting great people and experiencing festival’s frenzy in its full

Distribute at your discretion

Water Tower Art Fest Team

27.02.2012, Sofia