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Urban Guardian Angels – Water tower art fest 2008

WTAF is a street fest and a citizen initiative a vision of the urban young people together with the Municipality of Sofia – Lozenez

NGO IME is organizing a photo contest on the theme of Urban Guardian Angels for analogue black and white cameras, the results of the contest will be announced on the street fest ‘s perfromance in the night with actual life developing of the winning photo in front of a public with their active participation.

Cleaning of the Water tower and putting up a show with video installations inside it will be part of the street fest as well as a musical scene in the part of Sofia called Lozenez, by collaborating on with different social structures and the municipality of Sofia, we hope to liven up the city.
Everybody interested and being at the time 13th and 14th of September in Sofia is welcomed!

Nia Pushkarova, Iana Tankovska, Borimir Ilokov- Bono, Askvenur, Yagama, Uga Buga – team, Nicola Zena
Music by:
Samodelia; Pavel Stoichev – Surbahar, Micromattic,
Dj Cinnamint, artmospheric.org

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