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Congratulations! citizen initative mission-possible
Thank’s to all that helped us and supported us in this endeavour!

We the members of IME would like to resist the ongoing apathy and disinterest towards imnprotant issues like:

- reckless atitude towards the enviorenment
- reckless atitude towards beautifull monuments of material culture
- reckless atitude towrads ourselves

so we would like to initiate different projects with the same aim – to clean and ennoble the spaces around us either in the cities such as neglected buldings, sites monuments of culture or different aspects of our exsisting everyday abiding!

Take care and keep an open ear and heart to our new projects including citizen inititive for the better.

Description of the project – Water Tower – spring June 2006
Under the Manucipalty of Sofia culture citizen initiatives , NGO -IME is presenting a social event with the aim of cleaning the areaaround the Water Tower. The event along with musical perfromance and avisual show will be happening end of June 2006 .

With the DJ session by:
“astro+prism” Newcastle, UK
(Nicola and Kelly Lumley) DJ/VJ/PRODUCER TEAM
www.astroandprism.co.uk & Pavel Stoychev(Surbahar):
www.ouim.net ; www.ouim.org ; www.voxxlab.org
DJ Kliment & DJ Dicki

Projections onto the Water Tower as a spectacle granted to local citizens and beneficiaries after the renovation/cleaning of the area.

Our Deepest Thanks to:
IP Consult; Sofia Municipality ; Zagorka AD ; www.klinikakantchelov.net

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