Feministas Futuristicas- Feminism & art practice an international exchange 26 – 30.03.2023

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We are happy to announce the first of series of meetings with female artists and activists to share their artistic practices over feministic issues

“Feministas Futuristicas – Feminism & art practice an international exchange”

26- 30 March 2023
Sofia, Bulgaria
Performances, Talks and more

Public presentation @Goethe Sofia on 28.03, 18:00h
Exhibition and performances @Æther Art Space 28.03, 20:00h

As a continuation of IME’s residency program over the years, this project focuses on the exchange of creative practices of internationally renowned artists working with socially engaged art. Its first edition in Sofia will take the form of a series of closed and public meetings of international women artists and local activists and artists working in different fields of art. During a three-day meeting, they will present their creative practice in a public space using feminist emancipatory methodologies, artistic practices and community building practices.
As a result of these meetings and the resulting collaborations and exchanges of ideas, an exhibition of the creative product (solo or group, as well as individual events) is planned in the participants’ countries – Bulgaria, USA, Italy, France, Germany, Norway and Switzerland – this year and next. In this sense, our project foresees the exchange and networking between professional artists from different localities at an international level, with interrelated artistic and cultural practices, thus aiming to build on and exchange best practices in the field of arts and culture.

Women’s solidarity* has always been a powerful tool in our daily lives, but it can become an enormous force in times of crisis. That’s why we believe there is a need for a connection that is more than a simple professional network.

We invite women* activists working in Bulgaria and different parts of the world to participate in a long-term professional exchange program. Together with activist women* from different countries, we will discuss how feminism and sisterhood can contribute to overcoming the current crises and what joint actions can be taken. Some of the topics that will be touched upon are: equality and empowerment of women, respect for women at every age, the right to choose in a hierarchical system of male-dominated power leading to aggression and non-dialogue, and other topics important for the preservation of peace and the well-being of women and children today.

The program provides space and tools for professional and personal growth – there will be training sessions, study visits to civil society organizations, mentoring and mini-fellowships to plan your further development and realize ideas that have been on hold for a long time.

During the first short residential meeting ideas will be developed (individually or in groups) and then through a mini-fellowship can be implemented. For example, researching, writing an article or doing online or offline activities.

This project stimulates the Creation of a shared space for new ideas and collaborative action at an international level to achieve peace and equality.


26- 30 March 2023
Sofia, Bulgaria
Performances, Talks and more

Public presentation @Goethe Sofia on 28.03, 18:00h
Exhibition and performances @Æther Art Space 28.03, 20:00h



Viviana Druga- Germany

Corinne Fhima – France

Ginny Sykes – Chicago, USA

Gaby Biela-Günter, aka LADY GABBY – Germany

Ana Vujic (Serbia), lives and works in Basel, Switzerland

Catherine Constance Gjelsnes – Norway

Ralitza Petrova – BG

Maddalena Mauri – Italy

Nia Pushkarova – BG



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With kind support of National Fund of Culture & special thanks to Goethe Institut Sofia, Æther Art Space and Swimming pool


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