WTAR #6 ½ Veliko Tarnovo 1 – 10.09.2022 results


WTAR #6 ½
Veliko Tarnovo 1 – 10.09.2022


Water Tower Art Residence chose Veliko Tarnovo as the center of its efforts to decentralize the cultural environment in Bulgaria. For 10 days, artists from Bulgaria, Austria, China, the USA and France explored the potential of abandoned or neglected spaces, in search of the deep psychological aspects of oblivion, loneliness and the discouraging atmosphere that sometimes succeeds in depriving us of a vision of the future. In order to use these phenomena as a starting point, the participants of this event for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of artistic practices sought artistic solutions for a new look at modernity, for revealing the neglected potential of the urban environment, for a new connection and investment in a possible future without forgetfulness and sadness.


Before the 10 days of the event, Water tower Art Residence provided the artists with individual work with mentors working in different parts of the world and using the most diverse means of expression – performance, digital art, new technology or graffiti, painting and many others. The work included new social and artistic policies based on different expertise, connection between science and art, digital art, preservation of the symbiosis between man and nature, social inclusion on topics against discrimination and for more tolerance.


In this edition, Water Tower Art Residence has committed to a zero-carbon footprint. The artists together made a commitment to save energy during their ten-day stay in Veliko Tarnovo. The use of plastic packaging was minimized, waste was collected and disposed of separately, and all organic residues were composted. Each of the participants will leave in Bulgaria their artistic interpretation of reality and take with them the good examples and the memory of the unique Veliko Tarnovo.


The initiative is organized by the IME Association and is implemented with the financial support of the American Embassy of the USA in Sofia- Small grant scheme and the French Cultural Institute in Sofia. In partnership with VT events – TaM.


Thank you all for making this happen!


©Water tower art fest





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