Tower Serdika (Serdika Underground)

Sofia, the corner of Ekzarh Yosif Str. and Maria Luisa Blvd. – entrance next to the Roca Showroom

How to get there:
metro: Serdika Metro Station, walking; trams # 20, 22 or 23.

Another space which we are going to use for our cultural mapping of the city during the fest is “the underground” with archeological remains from the wall of the ancient city of Serdika. We are going to be hosted by the north wall close to the corner tower of Serdika, remains of which could be seen on the corner of Ekzarh Yosif Str. and Maria Luisa Blvd. (the old Sofia shop). The basement hall of the corner building gives just a glimpse of what the massive wall must have been and how it was surrounding like a belt the ancient city of Serdika. It had defined the size of the city for centuries until its final demolition in the 15th century, after the Ottoman conquest.
It was built in 176-180 A.D. by the Roman emperors Mark Aurelius and Commodious. The wall had four main gates, facing the four directions of the world and mapping the main streets leading to the center of the city (a capital at that time). Actually the first wall was reconstructed a few times and a few more towers were built – sharp-pointed, five-cornered and triangle between them. All this had been done in order to protect Serdika and its citizens by the Goths’, West Goths’ and Huns’ attacks, robberies and predatory wars. The walls were 8–10 meters high, while the towers were more than 14 meters high.

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