17 – 25.06.2016

We kindly invite you to present an idea for our 10th anniversary at Water tower art fest 
CONTEXT OF FESTIVAL – Since 2006 we initiative the Water Tower Art Fest in Sofia. This festival is an international art event with performances, installations, presentations and workshops that takes place every year in different spaces throughout the city of Sofia and beyond in Bulgaria. From very local grass roots based initiative, we have proved throughout the years to be the most important international contemporary art festival in Bulgaria, using abandoned buildings and art in public spaces. The purpose of the project is to attract public attention to our immediate urban environment filled with abandoned spaces and tackle issues of tolerance, democracy and environment via contemporary art using socially engaged artworks. By using the abandoned buildings we tackle issues of importance to the local community, integrate marginal groups and different generations in communication through the arts. 

You will be able to present an artwork (installation, projection sculpture, painting, photography, performance, land art project etc.) workshop or talk presentation or both during the festival program 
At specific VENUES as follows:
Fabrika 126(

SHORT RESIDENCY – You can also take part in the short artist’s residency either at Fabrika 126 for a 1 week period prior to festival starting 10th of June 


“Psychiatric clinic St. Ivan Rilski” at KURILO – the PARK – The clinic is situated half an hour form Center of Sofia and is one of the few clinics that has its own recreational park, which we have the opportunity to populate with sculptures, installations and performance for the opening day. The whole team of the clinic is going to work with us and the main theme is anti-stigma society!
Here is some more info on the clinic:

Additional possibiltiy to show works at

*New venue where you can propose your interactive performances or installation is Sofia Airport

REQUIREMENTS – Please send the idea in written statement explaining it and accompanied by short CV, photo material of the work, sketches or videos and detailed information on all the necessary specific materials and equipment needed for presenting your work.
*Due to unforeseen circumstances, beyond our, control we keep the right for altering the venues in question!

DEADLINES accepting proposals until 31.03.2016
Announcing the results 15.04.2016
Sending addition information: 10.05.2016
Residency start 10th of June 
Festival opening 17th June – end 25th of June 
SELECTION PROCEDURE – Selection is made by curator of festival – Nia Pushkarova and especially invited previous artists participants to festival (tbc)

WORKSHOPS PROPOSAL OPTION: Within the frame of festival we offer possibility for organizing different workshops at your choice, targeting audience: children, students, adults or people with disabilities esp. those with social integration problems art therapy.
PARTICIPATION FEE 25€– TOWARD ISSUING A CATALOGUE. We invite you to be part of our collective catalogue by writing text or sharing idea with your design
We offer possibility to propose text body or visuals for the catalogue only on themes such as, but not specifically connected to: social effect of contemporary art. You may apply only with that kind of proposal, but we will still need the fee of 25Euro for participation.
COMMERCIAL GALLERY SHOW: This year we offer possibility to show commercial work apart from the interdisciplinary approach of festival and open an exhibition to public consisting mainly of commercial art work of our artists. This is going to be organized outside festival period in July 2016 at a Gallery Nuance, so all selected artists are advised to bring one or two art works which can be shown at this exhibition offered for sale. Additional conditions will follow!
What you can expect from us is full assistance in installing your work, finding materials and/or renting out necessary equipment (to be discussed prior to festival’s opening and decided upon our financial possibilities, should it be more than what we can cover, it is possible to arrange renting of all equipment for you to pay the extra) accompanying with team to locations form center of Sofia, in some cases private bus will be transporting us to festivals locations.

SENDING OPTIONS – Mind the formats for sending videos: mpeg, avi, DVD format, please use big file transfer such as we transfer or yousendit, google drive link or vimeo link for downloading. As for big postal packages – please write on top of parcel NOT FOR SALE- use this address: 
Street Bogatica 9, ap 12, Sofia 1421, Bulgaria, NGO IME – Director Nia Pushkarova
Please keep in mind that in Bulgaria we use mainly PC not MAC!!!!
PRINTING OPTIONS – at Fabrika 126 you will be able to print anything you want at preferable prices and on any material you choose as well as size.
*We are not responsible for any lost or damaged artwork. We do not cover any travel grants nor accommodation, nor do we pay fees to artists. In some cases we will be able to send out individual invitation letters after selection procedure to help you fund your travel and accommodation.
We will be able to assist you in finding accommodation and a team of volunteers will be available throughout the whole festival period for helping you get around, even meeting you at airport.
For best performance we advise you to send out clear and concise parameters of your work, even if it contains suggestive surprise factor, so we will be able to help you find everything you may need in advance. The whole team will be communicating with you prior to festival, including technical assistance, do not be surprised if you receive messages from same e-mail, but different people. This is how we work – we use the same e-mail. 
Last but not least we will be delighted to welcome you at our 10th anniversary which means a lot to all of us.



© Water tower art fest

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